Planet Education Fair 2018 Ahmedabad Sees Overwhelming Response

Planet Education Fair 2018 Ahmedabad Sees Overwhelming Response

And it’s a wrap!

Thank you for visiting us at the Planet Education Fair 2018 at AMA, Ahmedabad.

A spectacular response and a fabulous turnout of students made the overseas education fair a mega success.

Thank you Ahmedabad for your overwhelming participation in the Planet Education Fair 2018. We together with university delegates from top Australian and Canadian universities were ecstatic to have the opportunity to assist you towards your dream of studying overseas. A special mention for the university delegates of top universities from Australia and Canada for their support in making this mega-event a grand success. It was a great team effort and that made the event a success it was.

Planet Education Fair 2018

“The fair was a huge success for students and our many participating universities from across the globe”, said Gagan Singh, CEO Planet Education. “We offered students in Ahmedabad a great mix of top and leading universities across Australia, Canada and Cyprus for personal counseling to explore the various types of programs offered and perfect their study abroad strategy. The fair is a core part of our student outreach program and a great platform for students from diverse backgrounds to meet and engage with university delegates from top universities worldwide.”

Planet Education Fair 2018 saw participation from top Australian universities like Monash, Deakin, UTS, ECU, CQU, Curtin, La Trobe, RMIT, Navitas and University of Nicosia – the largest university in Cyprus, apart from leading colleges and universities from Canada like Fanshawe, Senecca and Fleming among others, all under one roof.

Key Benefits for Students

Key Benefits for Students

Students made the most of this wonderful opportunity for personalized counseling with university delegates of top universities from Australia, Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Cyprus and Singapore. Here are the three standout benefits  delivered to students at the fair.

Direct Interaction with University Delegates:

Direct Interaction with University Delegates

Students got the chance to interact one-to-one with official representative of top universities from Australia and Canada. The personalized responses to queries, on-spot assessment, the opportunity to explore courses and finding out more about the preferred programs directly by official university delegates appealed to all students.

 Perfect their Study Abroad Strategy

Personalized counseling, one-to-one interaction with university delegates also gave students clarity on what university admission officers are looking for in a candidate.  The interaction thus allows students to perfect their study abroad strategy and make a great impression.

Scholarships and Ways to Fund their Overseas Study

Scholarships and Ways to Fund their Overseas Study

Planet Fair attendees also explored the various scholarships available under different programs and universities in both Australia and Canada. From on-spot scholarship assessments to an exclusive chance to avail scholarships worth $5000 – $25000, students discovered a whole range of funding opportunities to fund their study abroad.

Even as we wrap up the Ahmedabad edition of Planet Education Fair 2018, the fair continues its tour in other major cities across India.

But wait, there’s more!

Avail Early Bird Application Fee Waiver of $100 until January 25, 2018

Given the tremendous response and enthusiasm among students at the Planet Education Fair 2018, we’re offering special application fee waivers worth $ 500 and a 30% discount on coaching charges. Visit with your documents and apply before Jan 30, 2018 to avail this amazing offer.

If You Missed the Planet Education Fair …

For those who missed the fair this Sunday, here’s something to rejoice. The fair continues at the Planet Education Office for the next one week. You can simply walk in to meet our international education experts for personalized counseling and get answers to all their queries on studying abroad.

A big vote of thanks once again to all the participants and university delegates worldwide towards making Planet Education Fair 2018 – Ahmedabad a memorable and magnificent event.



Do you plan to study abroad in Australia or Canada but clueless on where to study?

Scored 6.5 bands or more and want to take admission in the 2018 intake?

Your search ends at Planet Education Fair 2018!

Apply to the world’s top universities with Scholarship in the 2018 intake at the Planet Education Fair 2018. Organized in 9 cities across India, Planet Education Fair 2018 offers personalized counseling from highly experienced international education experts and university delegates of world’s top universities.

Highlights of Planet Education Fair 2018

The study abroad Australia and Canada education fair 2018 helps students explore the various courses and universities best suited to their career choices, interest or aptitude. Aspiring international students can interact with admission officers of top universities in Australia and Canada for immediate response to all their queries on studying abroad.  Here are some of the remarkable benefits of attending the Planet Education Fair 2018 and how it helps the students make the right decision towards a successful global career.


Get on-spot admission offers, learn about the admission procedure, eligibility criteria and make a great first impression to secure admission into your dream university abroad. Process your application for 2018 intake on priority basis along with scholarships and application fee waivers for eligible students.


Meet one-to-one with university delegates for on-spot admission assessment and in-depth information on admission procedures, eligibility criteria, fee structure, scholarship opportunities, and different ways to fund your study abroad to help you evaluate all the potential options. Discover all the relevant courses to take your career the next level and give your global career a head-start.

Students get detailed information on university rankings, visa, scholarships and SPPs by Planet Education’s highly experienced international education experts.  By bringing together India’s best study abroad consultants and admission officers of top universities from Australia and Canada under one roof, Plant Education Fair 2018, is the great opportunity to find your career path on a global platform and build a beautiful future for yourself.


Know more about the various scholarships offered by different universities to help you fund your study abroad. Along with free profile evaluation, on-spot admission assessment and personalized counseling, the university delegates will also be available for on-spot scholarships worth $5000 – $25000 and application fee waiver for eligible students. Students thus get first-hand information and guidance by university representatives.

Go beyond online research and meet university delegates of top universities in person at the Planet Education Fair 2018 in your city.

The world of big opportunities is waiting, visit Planet Education Fair 2018 to give your dream of studying abroad in Australia or Canada a head start.

Applications open to leading institutions for the following courses

  • Business Management & Finance
  • Hospitality
  • IT
  • Engineering & Computer Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Biological Sciences
  • Public & Health Administration
  • Law
  • Medicine & Nursing
  • Art & Design
  • Mass Communication and more…
3 Most Popular Myths That Indians Have About Studying Abroad

3 Most Popular Myths That Indians Have About Studying Abroad

Want to study abroad but wondering if it’s the right decision?

Did myths surrounding studying overseas make you quit your plans to study abroad?

We’re busting three most popular myths around studying overseas in India. Read to know the real picture so you can be rest assured of taking the correct decision to study abroad.


Reality: Studying overseas goes beyond academics and hones your skills and personality. It helps you get out of the comfort zone and adapt to a different culture. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. With its practice-based learning, world-class academics and facilities, career-focused courses, and a global student community, pursuing higher studies overseas opens a world of opportunities for you. That apart working part-time while you study further helps you learn invaluable life skills. It helps you understand and discover yourself, your culture and your career in an altogether new perspective while offering you several opportunities, both at home and globally.

There are many successful entrepreneurs who graduated from top-tier business schools overseas, yet chose to return to India and start their entrepreneurial ventures. Be it Snapdeal’s co-founder Kunal Bahl, Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa of Grofers, Radhika Agarwal of Shopclues, Naveen Tiwari of InMobi or Avinash Bajaj of Matrix Partners, they all returned to India to make the most of emerging opportunities in India.


Reality: The cost of study overseas varies on the location, university, course and duration of stay. There are many resources like scholarships and education loans as also part-time work opportunities available both on and off-campus.

Almost all the popular student destinations like Canada, Australia, UK, the USA among others provide various merit-based scholarships to international students which help cover expenses like tuition, boarding, travel and more. These scholarships depend upon the course, university or location of choice. Planet Education offers free counseling on all the scholarships available for meritous students and also guide you on the best way to fund your study abroad.

While not everyone may be eligible for scholarships, students also have the opportunity to work part-time while they’re studying and full-time during vacations, apart from the potential to work post study for two years post-study.

Australia for instance offers the highest minimum wage value of $18.29 apart from a student-friendly policy of post-study work permit for 2 years. Australia also has 5 of the top 30 student-friendly cities in the world, which offers you the chance to mingle in the cosmopolitan crowd, enjoy student discounts for low- livings costs and high number of job opportunities to fund your study abroad.

While studying abroad is comparatively costlier than studying in India, if you consider the Return on Investment (ROI) for your investment in international education, the benefits far outshine the investment. In-fact studying abroad is arguably the best decision that you can take in your student year. Planet Education provides personalized approach to every student to guide the student on how to best use resources and funds when applying abroad. Therefore it’s not surprising that since 18 years, Planet Education has sent more than 20000 students to study overseas.


Reality: Will my child be safe in the far-off alien land? With so much happening around the world, from Brexit to rising instances of terrorism worldwide, there is a common fear and concern among parents about sending their children abroad to study. International universities too understand the concern for safety and have strict protocols and measures in place to ensure safety of students at all time. Moreover they also run intensive crash courses, offer handbooks and have special orientation sessions for international students to help them acquaint them with the alien place and new culture. Planet Education on its part hosts special pre-departure preparation and orientation for students going abroad and their parents as also offers exclusive post-landing services to students that include:

  • Airport Pick-up
  • Accommodation
  • Internships
  • Resume Writing Assistances
  • Guidance on Work Permits/ Other Regulation

Choose India’s leading reliable and trusted international education experts:

Studying abroad is a big decision not just for the student but also for the entire family. It has far-reaching benefits and the potential to completely transform a student’s life, across both personal and professional fronts if approached in the correct way, makes it a decision that requires expert guidance and professional life. Planet Education offers you free counseling session with our international education experts who bring over 15 years of experience.

Visit Planet Education office today for free counseling to guide you to dream big and study abroad and explore the world of big opportunities.

Indians Lead in Overseas Education

Indians Lead in Overseas Education

International education is becoming more popular in India. A university education overseas is highly coveted and seen as a gateway to a successful and happy future.

According to HSBC Value of Education survey of 8481 parents across 15 countries 62% parents in India willing to send their children abroad for higher studies to popular overseas study destinations including Australia, Canada, UK and USA. With 51% respondents counting career success as the most popular goal parents have for their children, they aspire professional careers for their children whether in traditional fields like medicine, engineering, accountancy or law or even new age careers like Data Science, Computer Science or fashion.

Parents see the main benefits of foreign education as being. To help their child gain international work- experience (49%), Develop foreign language skills (49%) and Experience new ideas/ cultures (48%).

Indian parents are among the most optimistic of the lot, with 87% of Indian parents of the firm belief that their child will have a bright future. Further, over 85% say their child will land a great job, even as the world average stands barely at 68% and 62% respectively. 44% of Indian parents feel paying for their child’s education is the most financial commitment with 96% of the respondents agreeing that they have one child in paid-for education.

Similarly according to yet another industry’s leading report, the 2017 Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange by IIE, Indians form the 2nd largest group of international students in the US after China and comprises of 17.3% of total international students in the US. Surprisingly, India’s rate of growth has outpaced China’s growth and rose 12.3% in 2016-17. Top fields of study include engineering, business & management followed by Math and Computer Science, Social Science and Life Science.

While according to shared government data of 2016, there are a total of 86 countries where Indian students are studying with USA, UK and Australia leading the tray. Going forward, the student-friendly policies and post-study working opportunities together with the potential for immigration after studies will further propel attractiveness of pursuing higher education abroad.

Are you ready to Pursue Your Dream to Study Abroad?

Looking to study in Australia, Canada, US or other popular study destination? There’s no better time than now. As one of world’s fastest-growing economies, rising income of its growing middle class, and increased awareness of the opportunities that overseas education offers such as holistic learning, ability to build an extensive global network and experience a diverse global exposure, there is a surge among Indians to pursue overseas study. Helping you with best guidance and resources is Planet Education – one of India’s leading international education and coaching consultants since 18years. Give your dream to study in Australia, Canada, UK or USA the best possible chance with Planet Education. Call 07949041900  for free counseling and accelerate your dreams of a global career today.

5 Ways to Fund Your Overseas Education

5 Ways to Fund Your Overseas Education

Studying abroad is one of the most profitable investments in yourself?

It offers a rewarding experience but studying abroad is expensive. You need all the financial support you need to make it a smooth sail to your dream university. Wondering how you are going to manage around common financial challenges and fund your overseas education? Whether it is through your personal financial resources or through popular mediums such as scholarships or part-time work opportunities, we guide you through 5 best ways to fund your study abroad.

5 Ways to Fund Your Overseas Education


Did you know that Australian government alone invested $200,000,000 in international scholarships? There are so many scholarships and grants offered by Governments, education institutions, private and public universities to help you support financially with your studies. Since they’re earned on basis of merit, there is a lot of prestige and recognition associated with them and they add to your credentials. The different types of scholarships include:

  • Fellowships (Merit-Based Scholarships)
  • Academic Scholarships
  • Grant (Need-Based Scholarships
  • University Scholarships
  • Government Funded Scholarship
  • Program-Based Scholarships
  • Athletic Scholarships
  • Specific Scholarships (Based on your Ethnic Background/ Community)

With the rising cost of studying and living expenses, scholarships are the best type of financial aid as they take care of tuition fees, accommodation, expenses on food supplies and overheads.  Universities do offer academic, merit-based, athletic and creative scholarships it depends on your academic scores, co-curricular achievements, and the program you intend to pursue. Most universities have funding to help students fund their international education opportunity and you can access details about them by visiting the particular university’s website or better still contact Planet Education counselor to get everything about the scholarships relevant to you. Planet Education offers you best resources and guidance to make the most of scholarship options available to you.

Educational Loans

The next best option to scholarships, choosing the right education loan can help you achieve your dream to study abroad. You should see it as a smart investment rather than a student debt. Not only does it offer a flexible payment period it also helps you avail tax benefits. There are many loan schemes to facilitate your international education. Among the top banks are State Bank of India (SBI Global Ed-Vantage Scheme), HDFC Credila – India’s first dedicated education loan company, Canara Bank and Bank of Baroda. Student loans from PSU banks offer lots of benefits along with convenient ways to repay the loan post the course. The checklist includes:

  • Lending Bank’s ease of process and credibility
  • Interest Rates
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Clauses regarding person of authority
  • Collateral requirement

Part-Time Jobs / Internships

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience and working part-time to complement your study and living expenses further helps you fund your studies comfortably. Working part-time not only gives you hands-on experience of the industry but also serves as an introduction to a career or industry of your interest. It also teaches you time-management and other transferable skills as also grow your professional network. It is best to choose a part-time work opportunity that correlates with your field of study and more importantly does not burden or hamper your academic performance.

Popular student destinations like Australia, Canada, UK, and USA offer you significant opportunities to work part-time. Different countries have different requirements and rules, Australia, for instance, offers a minimum wage of $18.29 and allows you to work 20 hours per week during the study and full-time during vacations on the student visa. There is a wide range of opportunities in industries including retail, hospitality, tourism and others for international students.

Graduate Assistantships / On-Campus Employment Opportunities

Securing an assistantship on-campus within your university is yet another great way to fund your overseas education. Assistantships are usually offered for PhD programs and more common in STEM subjects. Assistantships require students to carry out specified teaching/ research activities and in exchange either receive a modest salary or waiver of their tuition fees from the university. Since these opportunities are available within the department, they are preferable than working part-time off-campus. Many universities offer international students, numerous campus employment opportunities on-campus to build employability as also find their studies in the known environment of the university.

Wondering how to get the best guidance to study abroad? Simply visit Planet Education office for a free counseling session with our education expert. Get all details and information that you want under one roof and give your dreams to study abroad a head start today.

7 Ways That Make An International Education Worthy

7 Ways That Make An International Education Worthy

Your decision to study abroad will impact your academics, career and even the rest of your life. An overseas education is very rewarding in various ways both personal and professional. It helps foster a global outlook and broadens your mind apart from giving your global career a head start.

Why Study Abroad?

Studying abroad may probably be one of the best decisions of your student life.  Employers are increasingly looking for graduates with cross-cultural competence and international exposure. Studying abroad is the best way you can acquire global skills along with opening a world of personal and professional opportunities. Discover 7 ways that make an international education worthy:

Overseas Education Consultants


Popular student destinations like Australia, Canada, UK, USA and others hold high reputation worldwide both for the education system and, as provider of higher education. Studying overseas programs in their international universities, Australia’s Group of Eight (Go8) for instance provides an excellent opportunity to pursue specialization in one’s field of study. With the hands-on exposure to latest technology, research and opportunity to learn from industry leaders not only helps you get more out of your advanced programs but also give your global career a head start

Compete in the Global Marketplace & Boost your Global Career

Studying abroad offers you programs that are recognized worldwide and help you compete in the global marketplace. The programs stand out for their deep industry ties, world-class facilities and more favorable culture of research. Whether it is in technology, business, humanities, social sciences or healthcare, design or others, top-quality programs from international universities help you stand out in the global marketplace.

Practice-Based Learning and Focus on Practical Skills:

Practice-based learning ensures hand-on experience in a learning environment as realistic as possible. It provides exposure to cutting-edge technology, so students develop knowledge and skills valued by employers. Deep ties to the industry and presence of industry experts as faculties ensure strong academic success. Thus you are assured not just of a job but a great career. The various part-time job opportunities, internships, industry exposure and post-work study opportunities enhance your skills.

Vibrant Campus Life

Studying abroad introduces you to engaging, vibrant and supportive campus life. The various academic, cultural and recreational club activities, co-curricular activities, apart from guest lectures, presentations, and festivals assist students in an engaging and learning environment.

Exposure to Different Cultures:

International universities attract participants from across the globe. The diverse and multi-cultural student mix and opportunity to work in global teams prepare you for a global career. According to a research, students’ age plays an important role in decisions to study abroad. Majority of prospective students of Gen Z youth (those between the ages of 13 and 18) choose to study overseas to seek new cultural experiences.

Fosters a Global Outlook & Learn Life Skills

One of the best things of studying overseas is its ability to teach you invaluable life skills. It offers you an opportunity to challenge yourself, push your comfort zone and grow as a person. It teaches you adaptability as you interact with different cultures. Studying abroad further helps you gain new perspective both personally and professionally. This allows you to look at yourself, your culture and your career from a global perspective.

Build Strong International Network:

Your university, alumni, diverse student community help you establish a strong international network. This experience and network goes beyond your classroom and outlasts the duration of your program. It also boosts your global career and employment prospects.

Foreign Education Consultants

Want to study abroad? Visit your nearest Planet Education office for free counseling today with our international education experts. The world of big opportunities is waiting!

Want to Study in Australia from Top 10 Universities?

Want to Study in Australia from Top 10 Universities?

Everything you need to know about top 10 universities in Australia, ranking, their USPs and what makes them your dream destination to study in Australia

Studying abroad is a great idea!

Well if you choose to study in Australia from top 10 universities? It’s not surprising…

Millions of students are doing it right now, studying in some of the best universities in Australia to experience a whole new world of culture, opportunities and choose a successful global career.

Australia’s is world’s 3rd most popular study destination and according to an International Student Survey of 65,696 respondents, 74% of the respondents said Australia was their first choice for overseas study and it’s not difficult to understand why…

Universities in Australia have a strong reputation worldwide and 95% of international students rank reputation of qualification from Australian universities among the top five factors for deciding to study in Australia. 37 Australian universities rank among the worlds best in the 2018 edition of QS World University Rankings and many more among the top 300 universities in the world.

Top 10 Universities in Australia

Whether you’re planning for the prestigious Group of 8 (Go8)– Australia’s leading universities or universities that offer outstanding niche programs, we’ve compiled a list of top 10 universities in Australia to make it easier to pick your dream destination.


UNSW stands as one of the world’s top 50 universities. Recognized as the university with the strongest links to the university, UNSW is host to some of the best award winning lecturers and industry leaders that ensures that its graduates are the top choice for the most in-demand companies. The University stands out for its innovative engineering programs and host among the most renowned engineering faculties in Australia. The university’s other major highlights include:

  • 36th in the world for academic reputation
  • 26th for employer reputation
  • 5 Stars + ratings across teaching, research, employability, facilities and innovation categories
  • 14th most international university in the world
  • Founding member of the prestigious Group of Eight (Go8)
  • 14th most International University in the world
  • Highest Research Funding: UNSW is the only Australian university to yield more than $100 million in government funding in 2016


The only university to be created by the parliament of Australia is located in Canberra. ANU consistently ranks as Australia’s top university and among the top 20 universities in the world. Top-notch qualification and an unparalleled education experience on and off campus apart, ANU helps you stand out in the job market and offers among the highest student employability.

  • Hands-on experience in places like the Australian Parliament, the United Nations, the Climate Change Institute …
  • Exclusive opportunities for travel, even in first-year through PRIMO.
  • The ability to get involved, make lifelong friends, and develop your leadership skills on campus.
  • Offers 5 star student to teacher ratio

ANU is more than just another university, it’s a learning destination where you’ll meet people from around the world, develop your international network, and get a truly global perspective on things.


Australia’s second oldest university, the University of Melbourne is considered an international leader in business, law and medicine programs. It is considered to be Australia’s most popular school to study engineering. The distinctive experience and curriculum helps graduates become well-rounded, thoughtful and skilled professionals.

  • Ranked No. 1 in Australia by Times Higher Education World University Ranking
  • Ranks 32 in the world,
  • The University of Melbourne stands at 7 in graduate employability worldwide

With over 12000 international students from 130 countries, the university has over 100 research centers and institutes.


With its state-of-the-art campus facilities and highly awarded faculties, UQ offers an outstanding experience. Popular for its programs in business and life sciences, it has an idyllic campus that is counted among the best in Australia. The research intensive university has a remarkable alumni network and offers a wide range of cultural, educational opportunities in its bustling campus. It boasts of 7 research institute and ranks No.2 in the prestigious Nature index. Its accomplishments include:

  • 41st in performance ranking of scientific papers of world universities
  • 45th best global universities league table
  • 47th in the QS world university ranking
  • 55th Academic ranking of World universities
  • 65th by Times Higher Education World University Ranking


The University of Sydney has one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world and offers the widest range of courses of any Australian University. Ranked 1st in Australia and 4th in the world for graduate employability, University of Sydney offers a vibrant campus life and world-class facilities. It also ranks among the best universities in the Asia Pacific by Times Higher Education.


Ranked in the top 1 percent of world universities, Monash University is among the top 100 universities and ranked 21st in the Times Higher Education World Universities Rankings. Monash University stands out for its career-focused degrees, high academic standards and research. The distinctive experience offers more study options, more research projects and more international exchange programs for a broader education experience helps foster a truly global outlook and


Stand out with a degree from UWA, its vibrant student life and globally recognized course structure. A member of the prestigious Group of Eight Australian universities, UWA is considered the fastest rising university in the world. It ranks No.1 for student demand, graduate starting salaries, research intensity and research grants. With 7 of its subjects ranked in world’s top 50, the research-intensive institution is one of only two Australian members of the Worldwide Universities Network. Major highlights include:

  • #1 in Western Australia for Graduate Employability
  • Ranks #1 in Western Australia and 87th in the World
  • 24th in the world for Life and Agricultural Sciences


Established in 1874, the University of Adelaide ranks in the top 1% of universities worldwide. A member of the prestigious Group of Eight Australian Universities, It stands outs for its international reputation for quality research, education and progressive thinking. Ranked at 109 in QS World University Rankings, the university stands among the top 200 in all five fields measured by ARWU rankings. The vibrant campus culture and world-class facilities ensure that the University of Adelaide offers one of Australia’s highest quality university learning environments.


Australia’s No.1 young university is also ranked #1 in Australia and 8th globally in the QS Top 50 under 50 index of new universities, UTS is a contemporary and innovative university that offers career focused courses in vibrant campus environment. It stands at 28th among Australia’s most international university and is five star rated in the QS Star university rankings. Based in Sydney, UTS courses are renowned for their practice-based approach and a vibrant student life with numerous opportunities.


A truly global university part of Australia’s prestigious Group of Eight universities, the University of New Castle is renowned for its world-class research, deep and diverse industry partnerships. Ranked in the top 1% of universities worldwide, the global research-intensive institution offers internationally recognized degree programs. Counted among the world’s best, its highlights include:

  • Among the top 1% universities in the world and in the top 250 universities in the world.
  • 13 UON’s disciplines rank in the top 200 in the world
  • Top 8 in Australia for research ‘well-above the world standards’
  • Over 90% research at UON is at or above world standard
  • Top 10 in Australia for research income

University of New Castle (UON) has achieved an impressive five-star ratings for social equity, student retention, overall experience and learning resources.

Discover more about these and other top universities in Australia that specialize in the field of your choice at Planet Education. Get best and updated guidance and free counseling with international education experts with over 15 years of experience. Interested to discover options to study in Canada, USA, UK or New Zealand? From interactions with university official delegates to free IELTS coaching, Planet Education has helped thousands of people study abroad and explore a world of big opportunities.

Explore Courses in Australia for 2018 Intake?

Explore Courses in Australia for 2018 Intake?

74% of international students choose Australia as their 1stchoice for overseas study

International Student Survey

Missed the opportunity to study in Australia in 2017?

Not sure which course is right for you?

Australia, the 3rd most popular international student destination and leading global education powerhouse stands out for its worldwide reputation of education system, friendly natives, cultural diversity, secured and safer environment. Moreover the opportunity to work at least 20 hours/week while studying and even post-study work permit available for 2 years after graduation, makes it a compelling choice for Indian students going abroad.

Now’s your chance and Planet Education helps you fast-track your dream to study in Australia!

Planet Education brings Planet Education Scholarship Day event–to explore and discover the right path for you. A golden opportunity for students who wish to study in Australia in Jan-Feb 2018,the event answers all your queries on which program to choose, which university to apply to, scholarships available and your eligibility, visas, fees, loan assistance as also get a comparative analysis of courses, universities and countries from India’s leading experts in international education to help you make the right choice. The event also offers a golden chance to obtain on-the spot offers, application – fee waiver, scholarships on the basis of merit and need for students planning to join in the Jan – Feb 2018 intake

The consistent popularity of the event points to the distinct advantage it offers students on attending a scholarship themed event instead of just researching various options online.

Explore Courses to Study in Australia in 2018

The event helps you explore the various study options across courses in reputed Australian universities. Here are some of the popular courses that you can get more information on:

Business and Management Courses:

Learn how global business operate and equip yourself with skills to lead global business teams or even chart yourself a career as global business entrepreneur by pursuing the business and management course. A popular choice among international students,business and management courses from top business schools and universities like Monash, University of Sydney Business School, UTS, among others help fast-track your global career.

Business and Management Courses

Hospitality and Tourism Courses:

Australia as one of the leading tourist destination and booming hospitality industry offers itself as the best place to pursue your dream of a career in hospitality and tourism. Want to study hospitality in Australia from top universities forworld-class academics, training and grooming and ace in the fast-paced and glamorous global industry? Head over to Planet Education Scholarship Day event in your city for free counseling and on-the spot scholarship assessment from university representatives. Make your dream of studying in top Australia universities like Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School, University of Queensland, Griffith University, Bond University or the Hotel School Sydney for

Engineering and Information Technology Courses:

Want to gain international exposure and also further specialize in your core engineering background to boost your employment prospects globally? A recognized international degree from reputed universities like Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and University of Queensland among others will help you accelerate your dream of a global career. With various scholarships and an opportunity to work part-time while studying and post-study work permit available for 2 years after graduation, you can easily fund your study and reduce the financial burden of cost of overseas education. Also get invaluable guidance on a host of other courses like Accounting and Finance, Sports Management, Healthcare, Teaching and more at the Planet Education Scholarship Event in your city.

Why Visit Planet Education Scholarship Day?

Did you know that most of the students considering overseas education are usually unaware about the various scholarships available?

The exclusive one day event with its overarching theme of scholarshipwill expand your horizon and help you explore the many different types of programs and the scholarships available so you can find your best fit. Free counseling session and on-spot scholarship assessment with industry’s leading international education experts will help you find the right program for you.The event offers a valuable source of information for post-study job opportunities, apart from a chance to avail application fee waiver as also free IELTS registration.

Planet Education Scholarship Day

Highlights of Planet Education Scholarship Day Event:

The scholarship day event is a great opportunity for you to advance your ambition to study in Australia. Highlights include:

On-spot Assessment for Scholarships:

Did you know that Australian government offers $ 200,000,000 annual government investment on international scholarships?

Get on-spot assessment from representatives of top Australian universities and get your queries directly answered. Visit us with your following documents to help university representatives make a thorough and quick on-spot scholarship assessment.

  • Degree/ Provisional degree certificate
  • Mark Sheets
  • IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL score sheets
  • Extra-curricular achievement certificates
  • Passport Copy

Meet face-to-face with University Representatives:

Meeting face-to-face with university representatives and reaching out to them with a meaningful conversation is critical not only because they are a first-hand source of valuable information about the program and university application procedure and even details like facilities, accommodation, teachers, infrastructure etc.,but also offers you a chance to make a great impression on the representative, who might eventually turn your advocate in admission selection meetings.Therefore, it’s always nice to come prepared with research and ask thoughtful questions so you can convey your determination, passion and focus in the best possible way. Moreover, by meeting universities face-to-face, you get immediate personalized responses to questions about the programs, scholarships, part-time work opportunities as also get an idea of application process rather thanrestricting yourself to online research.

Avail Scholarships ranging from AUD$5000 – $25000:

Scholarships can help significantly reduce the cost of studying abroad.

The event provides you with great opportunities to meet industry experts and university representatives and learn about the various scholarships, awards and financial assistance available to eligible candidates like you based on your strong academic records, extra-curricular achievements, program and university of choice. The Australian government offers a large number of scholarships for deserving, exemplary students with great academic performance, wanting to study in Australia. The fair also allows you an excellent opportunity for on-spot scholarship assessment as also provide you valuable scholarship tips and advice to assist with your scholarship applications and increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.

Application Fee Waiver&FREE IELTS Registration:

Also avail application fee waiver for eligible candidates along with FREE IELTS registration.

How to make the most of Planet Scholarship Day in Your City?

The event will help you in decision-making if you have some groundwork ready. To get the most of this event, candidates attending Planet Education Scholarship Day event should prepare themselves by researching on the courses and universities based on their long-term career interest and goals. It’s also a great idea to list your queries around different education destinations, the courses, scholarships and admission procedures, ways to fund you’re their cost of study, etc. This will help you weigh your options and take a well-informed decision.

Curious to know equally popular and rewarding educational destinations like USA, CANADA, Singapore and more? Our highly experienced international education experts will guide you through application procedures and invaluable details.

The world of big opportunities is waiting!!

To register or for more information on Planet education Scholarship Day in your city, call +91 79 4904 1900 or visit now

Educational Events in Ahmedabad December 2017 on Business Management Courses

Educational Events in Ahmedabad December 2017 on Business Management Courses

Want to study in Australia in Feb 2018 intake?

Fulfill your dream to study at Australia’s top university and fund your studies through exciting scholarship from $5000 to $25000, eligible for deserving candidates. Know more at the Planet Education Scholarship Day on December 10, 2017 in Ahmedabad.

Educational Events in Ahmedabad December 2017

Did you know that Australia offers the highest minimum daily wages of $18.29! With an opportunity to work part-time for 20 hours during study and full-time during vacations, apart from exciting scholarships easily help you fund your study plans in Australia.

With more than 708, 350 international enrolments up to Aug 2017 alone, Australia leads as the most popular overseas education destination. As one of the top destination to broaden your career opportunities or pursue business and management course in Australia, simply because of limited availability of undergraduate or post-graduate courses in India, we at Planet Education are committed to enabling better learning and preparation for the world of big opportunities that awaits you.

Ahmedabad, one of India’s leading hubs of higher education in engineering, arts, commerce, social sciences, design and management is now fast emerging as a hub for foreign education for those interested in pursuing higher education abroad. With 17.8% growth rate in the number of Indian students heading abroad, higher to that of even China, students are yet again lining up to study overseas. Recent reports further highlight that the number of students going abroad for under-graduate and post-graduate studies is expected to increase by up to 50% over the next four years, driven primarily by an increase in disposal incomes of Indian families. Pursuing foreign education not only helps students foster a global outlook and broadens their minds; it further enables them to be counted among the very best professionals, both in India and Abroad.

With Australia as one of the most preferred destination for foreign education, there is a surge in the number of students seeking opportunities for business management courses in Australia. As the 3rd most preferred destinations among international students to pursue education overseas, Australia offers a rich cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education and globally recognized top universities that make it the best choice for students worldwide. Apart from being one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world, Australia also tops the rankings for the most livable cities in the world. Other major highlights include:

  • 3rd most popular country for international academic studies in the world
  • 8 of the world’s 100 top universities in the world are Australian.
  • Australia offers the highest minimum wage rate of $18.29
  • Post Study Work permit available for 2 years after graduating in the section
  • Students can work part-time for upto 20 hours/ week during study and full-time during vacations.
  • Australian higher education institutions hold top 50 world rankings in 6 areas of study including engineering and technology, life-sciences, physical sciences, humanities, pre-clinical and health.
  • Over 1,100 Australian institutions offer over 22,000 courses across a wide range of courses
  • Your Australian degree Scholarships open doors to many career opportunities worldwide
  • Australian government offers over $200 million in scholarship support for international students.
  • Australia is home to 5 of world’s top 30 student-friendly cities

Business Management Courses from Australia is the Best Choice?

Pursuing an under-graduate or post-graduate degree in business management from Australia not only equips you with global perspective and specialized skills set for a global career, it also enhances your employment prospects worldwide. Business courses in Australia cover everything from Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in either general management courses or a popular specialization like marketing, human resource, operations or finance. Other equally popular business and management courses include Bachelor of Business with options to choose in either marketing or management, Master of Financial Management (MFM), Master of Professional Accounting (MPA) apart from niche business management courses in international business, Hotel management, tourism management, supply chain management or sports management to help them become successful global managers and business leaders.

To help you with the best guidance on your path to the world of big opportunities, Planet Education is organizing ‘Planet Education Scholarship Day’ in Ahmedabad. The event will give you a unique opportunity to gain invaluable knowledge and skills and allow participants to meet delegates from top universities face to face.

Business Management Courses from Australia

Why Attend Planet Education Scholarship Day

  • Meet education experts from top Australian universities for detailed information and on-spot assessment for scholarships.
  •  Avail scholarships from one of the top 40 universities for engineering, IT, Business, Hospitality and more
  • Avail scholarships from $5000 to $25000 at your preferred Australian university
  • Get free IELTS registration

Visit us with the following documents:

  • Degree/ Provisional degree certificate
  • Mark Sheets
  • IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL score sheet
  • Passport Copy

Come visit us at the interactive session with delegates from top Australian universities and avail spot assessment offers and scholarships. Also get guidance on GRE/GMAT/ IELTS Training from highly experienced and trained counselors.

 Planet Education Scholarship Day

Date:  December10, 2017
Time: 11:00 AM – 5:00 AM
Planet Office
3, Sripalnagar Society
Opp. Hotel Fortune Landmark
Usmanpura, Ahmedabad- 380013

Planet Education, one of India’s leading international and coaching consultants since 18 years represent all the reputed universities and institutions in Australia, Canada, USA, Ireland, Singapore and New Zealand. We offer you well-trained and highly experienced, dedicated counselors to assist candidates make the best decision and achieve the world of big opportunities that is waiting for them.

To register for the Planet Education Scholarship Day call our expert on +91 7949041900 now.

Should you wish you learn more on the student services offered and how Planet Education can guide your dreams of studying abroad visit

Educational Events in Vidyanagar December 2017 on Business Management Courses

Educational Events in Vidyanagar December 2017 on Business Management Courses

Meet top university delegates from Australia to avail scholarships ranging from $5000 – $25000 for eligible candidates at the Planet Education Scholarship Day. The intent is to support part of your cost of study in Australia.

Educational Events in Vidyanagar December 2017

Want to study abroad but confused about options in scholarships available for your program or university?

If you are in Vidyanagar, your dream to study in your preferred Australian university with exciting scholarships can now be a reality! Planet Education Scholarship Day is your chance to avail scholarships from one of the top 40 universities for engineering, Business, Hospitality and many more. Vidyanagar, with its unparalleled concentration of world-class colleges and top-ranking universities, fueled by dynamic student culture stands out as Gujarat’s education hub.

The higher education hub Vidyanagar is seeing a rapid rise in demand for business management courses for Australia, both because it enhances career opportunities and earning potential of students, gives an opportunity to develop communication skills while being relatively less expensive.

Study Business Management in Australia

Business management courses for under-graduates or post-graduates in Australia cover everything from business administration and project management to entrepreneurship and international trade. Popular business management courses include Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Professional Accounting (MPA), Bachelor of Business, Master of Financial Management (MFM), and Master in Management (MiM) among others to boost your career prospects. Depending upon your interest and the type of qualification you want to gain, you may consider two options for MBA, either a general management course or pursue popular business management specializations like marketing, human resource, finance or operations.

Australia also offers you exciting business and management courses in certain niche fields like engineering management, sports management, hotel management, international business management or tourism management to broaden your career opportunities globally for leadership roles in management or as world business leader. What makes Australia a compelling choice is the fact that business and management courses from Australian university are internationally recognized and studying alongside students from different cultures provides a great opportunity to develop a broad cultural understanding.

Consistently ranked 3rd most popular destination among international students to pursue higher education, Australia also ranks as the 2nd best country to live in terms of life expectancy, education and per-capita income. The rich cultural diversity, friendly natives, high quality of education and globally recognized universities make it the best choice for students worldwide. Each academic year more than 200,000 foreign students choose to study in Australia and according to recent study more than 708,350 international students have enrolled for varied courses in different universities. The other major reasons that make Australia the preferred destination for global education include:

  • 8 out of top 100 universities in the world are Australian
  • Australia offers the highest minimum wages of AUD $ 18.29
  • Post Study Work permit available for 2 years after graduating in the section
  • Students are allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours during study and full-time during vacations to help fund their studies and even jumpstart their career.
  • Top 5 of the 30 best student cities in the world are in Australia
  • Australia offers 22000 courses across 1100 institutions
  • Australian universities feature in the top 50 ranked universities in Art &
  • Humanities, Clinical & Health, Engineering and Technology.

However with so many choices and limited awareness, it can get confusing to make the right choice. Therefore Planet Education Scholarship Day, organized by Planet Education on Sunday, December 09, at Planet Office, Vidyanagar is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss:

Why Attend Planet Education Scholarship Day

  • Meet education experts from top Australian universities for detailed information and on-spot assessment for scholarships.
  • Avail scholarships from one of the top 40 universities for engineering, IT, Business, Hospitality and more
  • Avail scholarships from $5000 to $25000 at your preferred Australian university
  • Get free IELTS registration

Visit us with the following documents:

  • Degree/ Provisional degree certificate
  • Mark Sheets
  • IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL score sheet
  • Passport Copy

At the Planet Education Scholarship Day, representative from different Australian universities will be present and they will assess the student’s eligibility for scholarships. They’ll offer invaluable guidance on the best way to apply to universities in Australia and make sure you qualify for an Australian university and avail exciting offers on scholarships. The Planet Education Scholarship Day event will also help meritorious applicants avail scholarships from $5000 to $25000* among other things.

We at Planet Education help you achieve the world of big opportunities. Therefore as one of India’s leading international education and coaching consultants for over 18 years, we present an exclusive “Planet Education Scholarship Day” on December 09, 2017 between 11 am to 5 pm at our Planet Office, Vidyanagar. We offer highly trained and experienced professionals and counselors to guide your journey to your dream business management course and university. As official representatives of most reputed universities and institutions in Australia and accredited members of AAERI, ICEF and PIER we offer you high visa success ratio, personalized guidance along with pre-departure orientation and post-landing services.

Business Management Courses

To register for the Planet Education Scholarship Day call our expert on +91 7949041900 now.

Should you wish you learn more on the student services offered and how Planet Education can guide your dreams of studying abroad visit

Planet Education Scholarship Day December 2017
Date: December 09, 2017
Timing: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: Planet Office
Ground Floor, Ramvihar Complex,
Near Iscon Temple,
Mota Bazaar Vidyanagar – 38812
Phone: +91 2692 233556
Mobile: +91 781982 4501 – 02