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The Australian Government and Australian Universities provide a large number of scholarships for deserving, exemplary international students with great academics wanting to study in Australia.

If you’ve done very well academically, you could be considered for scholarship automatically, while a few universities require successful admission and a couple more documents before appraisal.

it’s best to apply well in advance since the number of applications every year is very high.

Planet Education Open Day

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List of available Courses

MBA, Business, Management, Finance and Accounting, IT, Computer science, Data science, Engineering, Pharmacy, Science, Public & Health Administration, Law, Medicine & Nursing, Teaching, Art and Design, Architecture, Mass Communication and many more.

For more details, call us


 11th Nov 2017
 11am – 5pm


 16th Nov 2017
 026 12221500


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 079 49041900
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 13th Nov 2017
026 92233556


 19th Nov 2017
 040 65443210


Is there any deadline to apply for Scholarship ?

Scholarships are offered by universities on a first come first serve basis. Although there is no former dead line for application it is highly recommended to apply as soon as possible to increase your chances of success.

Which programs are eligible for scholarship ?

Scholarships are available for all programs ranging from engineering to management and even vocation courses.

What universities offer scholarship?

Most of the Australian Universities offer scholarships.

How do I receive the scholarship ?

The scholarship amount will be deducted from the first semester’s fee.

How many backlogs are accepted for the Scholarship ?

10 – 15

Am I eligible for a scholarship after performing well in my First semester in Australia ?

Yes. Most universities in Australia understand that owing to personal situations students may not be able to secure good scores in previous examinations. Therefore, most universities allow students the opportunity to perform in the first semester and offer scholarships accordingly.


Australia is one of the world’s most exciting places to be a student due to It’s eclectic mix of cultures, first-class infrastructure, high quality education, cutting-edge research and affluent life style.

  • One of the happiest countries in the world
  • Globally recognized education
  • Post study work rights options
  • Safe and friendly atmosphere
  • Fantastic infrastructure
  • Top universities of the world
  • Large campuses

Our best reward is the success of our students. More than 15000 students are joyfully calling themselves ‘Planetian’ and we are very proud of them

They’ve traveled abroad, studied abroad and have memories to share. So many of our students describe their time abroad as the experience of a lifetime.



“Outstanding ! I can’t thank Planet team enough for their invaluable support and guidance. Thanks for making my journey successful.”


“I made the right decision by joining Planet Education. I thank my counselor and the team for the immense and appropriate support, I owe you a lot.”


“I extend my sincere gratitude to my trainer and counselor for helping me reach my dream destination and carrying out my whole process without any Hassle.”


“I was hoping someone can put me in the right direction and It was my fortune that I consulted Planet Education for my career plan you made the experience worth it. I truly appreciate your services and support.”


“The services that I got from Planet Education were appreciable. The team is very informative and prompt in addressing queries. Thank you for making it a worthwhile experience.”


  • Founded and managed by experts with more than decade and a half years of experience in International education and career consulting, Planet Education prides itself on giving quality assistance to its students.
  • We represent over 300 universities across the world and ensure that students get unbiased advice on study options across USA, Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand.
  • Our counselors are trained to give advice which is compatible with the student’s long term career aspirations
  • We have successfully assisted over 15,000 students achieve their dreams of studying abroad15
  • Our trained teams of visa consultants have a very high visa success ratio.
  • Our training facility is the Gold IELTS partner of both, the IDP and the British Council
  • Our pre departure workshops are handled by experts who prepare the students to make a smooth and confident transition to the country of their choice.
  • Our network of offices spread across India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Australia provide state of the art facilities and ensure streamlined assistance to students.
  • We are members of AAERI, ICEF & PIER.

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