International education is becoming more popular in India. A university education overseas is highly coveted and seen as a gateway to a successful and happy future.

According to HSBC Value of Education survey of 8481 parents across 15 countries 62% parents in India willing to send their children abroad for higher studies to popular overseas study destinations including Australia, Canada, UK and USA. With 51% respondents counting career success as the most popular goal parents have for their children, they aspire professional careers for their children whether in traditional fields like medicine, engineering, accountancy or law or even new age careers like Data Science, Computer Science or fashion.

Parents see the main benefits of foreign education as being. To help their child gain international work- experience (49%), Develop foreign language skills (49%) and Experience new ideas/ cultures (48%).

Indian parents are among the most optimistic of the lot, with 87% of Indian parents of the firm belief that their child will have a bright future. Further, over 85% say their child will land a great job, even as the world average stands barely at 68% and 62% respectively. 44% of Indian parents feel paying for their child’s education is the most financial commitment with 96% of the respondents agreeing that they have one child in paid-for education.

Similarly according to yet another industry’s leading report, the 2017 Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange by IIE, Indians form the 2nd largest group of international students in the US after China and comprises of 17.3% of total international students in the US. Surprisingly, India’s rate of growth has outpaced China’s growth and rose 12.3% in 2016-17. Top fields of study include engineering, business & management followed by Math and Computer Science, Social Science and Life Science.

While according to shared government data of 2016, there are a total of 86 countries where Indian students are studying with USA, UK and Australia leading the tray. Going forward, the student-friendly policies and post-study working opportunities together with the potential for immigration after studies will further propel attractiveness of pursuing higher education abroad.

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