74% of international students choose Australia as their 1stchoice for overseas study

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Missed the opportunity to study in Australia in 2017?

Not sure which course is right for you?

Australia, the 3rd most popular international student destination and leading global education powerhouse stands out for its worldwide reputation of education system, friendly natives, cultural diversity, secured and safer environment. Moreover the opportunity to work at least 20 hours/week while studying and even post-study work permit available for 2 years after graduation, makes it a compelling choice for Indian students going abroad.

Now’s your chance and Planet Education helps you fast-track your dream to study in Australia!

Planet Education brings Planet Education Scholarship Day event–to explore and discover the right path for you. A golden opportunity for students who wish to study in Australia in Jan-Feb 2018,the event answers all your queries on which program to choose, which university to apply to, scholarships available and your eligibility, visas, fees, loan assistance as also get a comparative analysis of courses, universities and countries from India’s leading experts in international education to help you make the right choice. The event also offers a golden chance to obtain on-the spot offers, application – fee waiver, scholarships on the basis of merit and need for students planning to join in the Jan – Feb 2018 intake

The consistent popularity of the event points to the distinct advantage it offers students on attending a scholarship themed event instead of just researching various options online.

Explore Courses to Study in Australia in 2018

The event helps you explore the various study options across courses in reputed Australian universities. Here are some of the popular courses that you can get more information on:

Business and Management Courses:

Learn how global business operate and equip yourself with skills to lead global business teams or even chart yourself a career as global business entrepreneur by pursuing the business and management course. A popular choice among international students,business and management courses from top business schools and universities like Monash, University of Sydney Business School, UTS, among others help fast-track your global career.

Business and Management Courses

Hospitality and Tourism Courses:

Australia as one of the leading tourist destination and booming hospitality industry offers itself as the best place to pursue your dream of a career in hospitality and tourism. Want to study hospitality in Australia from top universities forworld-class academics, training and grooming and ace in the fast-paced and glamorous global industry? Head over to Planet Education Scholarship Day event in your city for free counseling and on-the spot scholarship assessment from university representatives. Make your dream of studying in top Australia universities like Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School, University of Queensland, Griffith University, Bond University or the Hotel School Sydney for

Engineering and Information Technology Courses:

Want to gain international exposure and also further specialize in your core engineering background to boost your employment prospects globally? A recognized international degree from reputed universities like Australian National University, University of Melbourne, University of Sydney, University of New South Wales, and University of Queensland among others will help you accelerate your dream of a global career. With various scholarships and an opportunity to work part-time while studying and post-study work permit available for 2 years after graduation, you can easily fund your study and reduce the financial burden of cost of overseas education. Also get invaluable guidance on a host of other courses like Accounting and Finance, Sports Management, Healthcare, Teaching and more at the Planet Education Scholarship Event in your city.

Why Visit Planet Education Scholarship Day?

Did you know that most of the students considering overseas education are usually unaware about the various scholarships available?

The exclusive one day event with its overarching theme of scholarshipwill expand your horizon and help you explore the many different types of programs and the scholarships available so you can find your best fit. Free counseling session and on-spot scholarship assessment with industry’s leading international education experts will help you find the right program for you.The event offers a valuable source of information for post-study job opportunities, apart from a chance to avail application fee waiver as also free IELTS registration.

Planet Education Scholarship Day

Highlights of Planet Education Scholarship Day Event:

The scholarship day event is a great opportunity for you to advance your ambition to study in Australia. Highlights include:

On-spot Assessment for Scholarships:

Did you know that Australian government offers $ 200,000,000 annual government investment on international scholarships?

Get on-spot assessment from representatives of top Australian universities and get your queries directly answered. Visit us with your following documents to help university representatives make a thorough and quick on-spot scholarship assessment.

  • Degree/ Provisional degree certificate
  • Mark Sheets
  • IELTS/ PTE/ TOEFL score sheets
  • Extra-curricular achievement certificates
  • Passport Copy

Meet face-to-face with University Representatives:

Meeting face-to-face with university representatives and reaching out to them with a meaningful conversation is critical not only because they are a first-hand source of valuable information about the program and university application procedure and even details like facilities, accommodation, teachers, infrastructure etc.,but also offers you a chance to make a great impression on the representative, who might eventually turn your advocate in admission selection meetings.Therefore, it’s always nice to come prepared with research and ask thoughtful questions so you can convey your determination, passion and focus in the best possible way. Moreover, by meeting universities face-to-face, you get immediate personalized responses to questions about the programs, scholarships, part-time work opportunities as also get an idea of application process rather thanrestricting yourself to online research.

Avail Scholarships ranging from AUD$5000 – $25000:

Scholarships can help significantly reduce the cost of studying abroad.

The event provides you with great opportunities to meet industry experts and university representatives and learn about the various scholarships, awards and financial assistance available to eligible candidates like you based on your strong academic records, extra-curricular achievements, program and university of choice. The Australian government offers a large number of scholarships for deserving, exemplary students with great academic performance, wanting to study in Australia. The fair also allows you an excellent opportunity for on-spot scholarship assessment as also provide you valuable scholarship tips and advice to assist with your scholarship applications and increase your chances of receiving the scholarship.

Application Fee Waiver&FREE IELTS Registration:

Also avail application fee waiver for eligible candidates along with FREE IELTS registration.

How to make the most of Planet Scholarship Day in Your City?

The event will help you in decision-making if you have some groundwork ready. To get the most of this event, candidates attending Planet Education Scholarship Day event should prepare themselves by researching on the courses and universities based on their long-term career interest and goals. It’s also a great idea to list your queries around different education destinations, the courses, scholarships and admission procedures, ways to fund you’re their cost of study, etc. This will help you weigh your options and take a well-informed decision.

Curious to know equally popular and rewarding educational destinations like USA, CANADA, Singapore and more? Our highly experienced international education experts will guide you through application procedures and invaluable details.

The world of big opportunities is waiting!!

To register or for more information on Planet education Scholarship Day in your city, call +91 79 4904 1900 or visit www.planeteducation.info now