Want to study abroad but wondering if it’s the right decision?

Did myths surrounding studying overseas make you quit your plans to study abroad?

We’re busting three most popular myths around studying overseas in India. Read to know the real picture so you can be rest assured of taking the correct decision to study abroad.


Reality: Studying overseas goes beyond academics and hones your skills and personality. It helps you get out of the comfort zone and adapt to a different culture. Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. With its practice-based learning, world-class academics and facilities, career-focused courses, and a global student community, pursuing higher studies overseas opens a world of opportunities for you. That apart working part-time while you study further helps you learn invaluable life skills. It helps you understand and discover yourself, your culture and your career in an altogether new perspective while offering you several opportunities, both at home and globally.

There are many successful entrepreneurs who graduated from top-tier business schools overseas, yet chose to return to India and start their entrepreneurial ventures. Be it Snapdeal’s co-founder Kunal Bahl, Saurabh Kumar and Albinder Dhindsa of Grofers, Radhika Agarwal of Shopclues, Naveen Tiwari of InMobi or Avinash Bajaj of Matrix Partners, they all returned to India to make the most of emerging opportunities in India.


Reality: The cost of study overseas varies on the location, university, course and duration of stay. There are many resources like scholarships and education loans as also part-time work opportunities available both on and off-campus.

Almost all the popular student destinations like Canada, Australia, UK, the USA among others provide various merit-based scholarships to international students which help cover expenses like tuition, boarding, travel and more. These scholarships depend upon the course, university or location of choice. Planet Education offers free counseling on all the scholarships available for meritous students and also guide you on the best way to fund your study abroad.

While not everyone may be eligible for scholarships, students also have the opportunity to work part-time while they’re studying and full-time during vacations, apart from the potential to work post study for two years post-study.

Australia for instance offers the highest minimum wage value of $18.29 apart from a student-friendly policy of post-study work permit for 2 years. Australia also has 5 of the top 30 student-friendly cities in the world, which offers you the chance to mingle in the cosmopolitan crowd, enjoy student discounts for low- livings costs and high number of job opportunities to fund your study abroad.

While studying abroad is comparatively costlier than studying in India, if you consider the Return on Investment (ROI) for your investment in international education, the benefits far outshine the investment. In-fact studying abroad is arguably the best decision that you can take in your student year. Planet Education provides personalized approach to every student to guide the student on how to best use resources and funds when applying abroad. Therefore it’s not surprising that since 18 years, Planet Education has sent more than 20000 students to study overseas.


Reality: Will my child be safe in the far-off alien land? With so much happening around the world, from Brexit to rising instances of terrorism worldwide, there is a common fear and concern among parents about sending their children abroad to study. International universities too understand the concern for safety and have strict protocols and measures in place to ensure safety of students at all time. Moreover they also run intensive crash courses, offer handbooks and have special orientation sessions for international students to help them acquaint them with the alien place and new culture. Planet Education on its part hosts special pre-departure preparation and orientation for students going abroad and their parents as also offers exclusive post-landing services to students that include:

  • Airport Pick-up
  • Accommodation
  • Internships
  • Resume Writing Assistances
  • Guidance on Work Permits/ Other Regulation

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Studying abroad is a big decision not just for the student but also for the entire family. It has far-reaching benefits and the potential to completely transform a student’s life, across both personal and professional fronts if approached in the correct way, makes it a decision that requires expert guidance and professional life. Planet Education offers you free counseling session with our international education experts who bring over 15 years of experience.

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