International education is acknowledged as the ideal launch pad for students interested in commencing globally competitive careers. Consequently, an increasing number of students are traveling abroad for higher education to fulfill their global career aspirations every year.

We, at Planet Education, understand that studying abroad is a once in a lifetime decision that impacts a student's career and personal life. It requires considerable investment, both in terms of finance and aspirations and, hence, should be taken wisely.

We also understand that students are often confused by the overload of information on the net and by agents in the market. Well aware of these issues, we, thus, provide a one-stop solution to students ensuring clarity of purpose. We are privileged to have assisted over 15000 students achieve their dreams of higher education abroad since our inception.

Planet Education is a company that represents various high ranked universities across 6 different countries: Australia, Canada, New Zealand, UK, USA, and Singapore.

Studying abroad can be life altering. It is a decision that cannot and should not be taken in haste; a decision that should involve a lot of background research. Through honest and credible advice and assistance, Planet Education provides students fantastic opportunities for realizing their dreams of pursuing foreign education.

our story

  • Established in 1999
  • With over 15000 students sent to foreign universities
  • With more than 300 reputed universities from 6 countries
  • With offices across India, Australia, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

our mission

  • To help students achieve their dreams of being globally competitive professionals by guiding and assisting them in admissions into internationally reputed universities and colleges.
  • To guide students accurately and provide pertinent advice that sub-serves a student's long-term career aspirations.
  • To represent our partner universities and colleges with honesty and integrity.


  • Founded and managed by experts with more than decade and a half of experience in international education and career consulting, Planet Education prides itself on giving quality assistance to its students.
  • We represent over 300 universities across the world and ensure that students get unbiased advice on study options across the USA, Australia, UK, Canada, and New Zealand.
  • Our counselors are trained to give advice that is compatible with the student's long-term career aspirations.
  • We have successfully assisted over 15,000 students achieve their dreams of studying abroad.
  • Our trained teams of visa consultants have a very high visa success ratio.
  • Our training faculty is a Gold IELTS partner of both the IDP and the British Council.
  • Our pre-departure workshops are handled by experts who prepare the students to make a smooth and confident transition to the country of their choice.
  • Our network of offices spread across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Australia provide state of the art facilities and ensure streamlined assistance to students.
  • We are members of AAERI, ICEF and PIER.