6 New English Words And How to Use Them


September, 2017

Written by:

Ezaz Sojatwala

6 New English Words And How to Use Them

Yearly, thousands of new English words come into use. Let’s have a look at some words which came to use just recently.

1. Glamping

In simple words it’s just as camping, but a glamourous camping. You stay in beautiful outdoors, in a tent, but with a lavish bed, pillows and even WIFI.

Use it: “We booked to go glamping, because camping didn’t sound as attractive this time.”


2. Meh

This word is used to express the fact that you are not impressed about something.

Use it: “I bought a new phone today, but when I started using it – meh.”

3. Webisode

Popular streaming websites, such as Netflix and Amazon Video, show TV programmes that are only available online and these are known as webisodes. You’ll only be able to find these TV shows using the internet.

Use it: “I’m going to watch the new webisode of Orange is the New Black on Netflix.”


4. Hangry

When you are more than just hungry, you are hungry and angry!

Use it: “I’m so so so hangry and you are late for the Dinner! Don’t talk to me!”

5. Freegan

People who try to recycle everything.

Use it: “To become a freegan you should start reducing your food waste at least.”

6. Buko

A new slang term to mean “much” or “many”.

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